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Energy Systems Co.,Ltd. Manufacturing and supplier of manufacturing and engineering services to the electronics industry, concerned with the manufacture and testing of printed circuit boards assemblies and turnkey manufacturing , including finished products.

Energy Systems Co.,Ltd was established in October 1993. Operating on a 1000 sq meter site in Khon Kaen. Currently employing over 30 staff working 16 hours on a double 8 hour shift system.

Energy Systems employ the latest equipment and engineering processes to remain competitive while offering the flexibility and customized personal service, specializes in quick-turn prototyping and highly-flexible, low-to-mid-volume manufacturing services. the operation manufactures to IPC and customer specifications.

The company provides competitive manufacturing technology and service solutions for printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) and system assembly, as well as support to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

Energy Systems offers a wide range of print circuit assembly process capabilities across most technologies, including through-hole (IMT), surface mount (SMT), ball grid arrays (BGA), with wide variety of single-side, double-pass SMT and mixed technology lines, designed to meet the manufacturing requirements of any customer.

Energy Systems ‘s board range of manufacturing services includes:

1. Design

Energy Systems ‘s design team works with customer, and the manufacturing group help to ensure that new designs are released rapidly and smoothly into production.

2. Prototyping

With our new product introduction team, allowing our engineers to provide a quick response to customer demands.

 3. Product Assembly and Test

Energy Systems uses sophisticated  technology in the assembly and testing of its products, and improving product quality, reducing cost and improving delivery time to customers.

4. Product Assurance

Product Quality Assurance Team performs product life testing, hi-pot testing, full circuit characterization, testing to international quality standards, as well as product failure analysis, ensure designs meet or exceed required specifications.

5. Packaging and Global Distribution

Energy Systems designs and test packaging for bulk shipment or single end-customer use. Our integrated system can manage complex international order fulfillment, which allows us to ship worldwide and, in many cases, to our end-customers.

6. After-Sales Support

Energy Systems offers a wide range of after-sales support service. This support can be individualized to meet each customer’s requirements and includes field failure analysis, product upgrades, repair and engineering change management.

Contact Us :

Tel : (+66) 43-915501 Hotline : (+66) 81-8735045
Email : virapong@loxinfo.co.th
Line@ : @esthai

Why Are We The Best?

Our factory has talented engineers. Helps customers to create new products. Design and control the production of goods for export to the world.

Our factory has advanced machinery such as: Glue dispensing, Screen printer, Pick & Place, Solder Re-flow, and more. Enhance product quality.

After the customer has received the goods successfully. We also have follow-up. To build long-term relationships with customers.

Quality is what our company holds. All of our products with a minimum guarantee of 2-5 years, Customers can trust our products one hundred percent.

Finished Products

  • Ichiton: LED High power factory lighting

  • KKU Solar Bus stop: Solar Cell Power Bus Stop

  • Vrielmann-electrotechnik/Germany: Single phase motor speed ctrl, water level controller Boards

  • Akida/AZ,USA: Energy Management solution, Zigbee, ecu, u-meter, emp2/4, 1/3 phase

  • Cho 24 hrs/Thailand: LED Emergency lighting for truck & trailer factory

  • DataLight/Netherlands: LED Display Lighting Products

  • Bathroom Design: Electronics Whirlpool Controllers

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